Recycling 101 (OCRRA)

Despite a strong recycling record, each year our community generates enough trash to fill the Carrier Dome (325,000 tons)! You can help reduce waste by learning the ins and outs of recycling.

Corrugated cardboard with wax, plastic, or styrofoam.
Frozen food boxes.
Paper plates & cups.
Paper towels, tissue, toilet paper.
Egg cartons (paper or styrofoam).
Non-paper envelopes (Tyvek).
Hardcover books.
Metallic paper (including cards or envelopes with silver / gold trimming).

Plastic food trays (frozen food trays, candy trays, cake, cookie containers).
Styrofoam (coffee cups, packaging materials, trays).
Hard plastics (tableware, toys, hangers).
Motor oil bottles (or any bottle that contained a hazardous material).
Plastic bags (NOTE: CLEAN plastic bags can be recycled at most grocery and retail stores)

Dishes & drinking glasses.
Ceramics (plates or mugs).
Window & auto glass.
Pottery & clay pots.
Incandescent light bulbs (NOTE: Fluorescent bulbs should be RECYCLED by businesses and residents.)

Latex paint cans (dry out paint and remove lids)
To dispose of oil-based paints, stains, and varnishes make an appointment for OCRRA’s next Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day. (These events are not open to businesses. Contact Environmental Products and Services of Vermont for work wastes.)
Scrap metal. Take to a scrap dealer.

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