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Eat LOCAL (SYR) – How to Nourish our Local Food System

Every dollar you spend is an investment in something. If you’d like more local food choices that nurture our local economy, here are a few things you can do: Read the Labels: Find out where the stuff you’re buying comes from and seek out local products, knowing your dollar will have a deeper impact Visit […]

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Truly local (and sustainable) craft beer from Empire Brewing Company

The brewery in New York state uses local energy, grows its own ingredients, composts and more. By: Starre Vartan Wed, Apr 30, 2014  (Posted on Mother Nature Network – All photos: Empire Brewing Company You’d think brewing great beer that people love would be enough for any brewer. But not for David Katleski, founder of Syracuse, New […]

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The New Economy Summit

The New Economy Summit, Presented by AmeriCU #NewEconomySummit On Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013, many of the regions most influential business, academic, and community leaders will come together for a day of inspiration and action to drive the development of a local and sustainable economy. Join SyracuseFirst’s New Economy Summit: Growing Your Business and Building Community. […]

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Slow Food hits up LoFo for potluck and awards

Slow Food. Yeah, it’s the opposite of fast food —  from ‘food’ as a concept to food as a reality of daily life. They’re trying re-engage people with food on the global scale. We’re lucky enough to have a chapter of Slow Food here in CNY. Even luckier still, Slow Food CNY is having a […]

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Buy Local Bash: “A raging success”

“I declare a raging success”  tweeted Michael Benny (CNY Central) at 8:00pm on Monday. Fortunately for us, Michael was at the Buy Local Bash at 8:00pm on Monday (and he was re-tweeting our tweet, so we can safely say that’s what he was referring to). He joined 500 people on a pretty chilly evening at […]

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Buy Local Bash: The Day Before – some thoughts on the event and where we stand

Phew. Many days leading up to the Bash were a sprint, not a jog — it’s nice to see the finish line is only a day away. And anyone who has put together a ‘once annual’ event knows that the to-do list is closer to 3 pages long than 1. Fortunately for us, we had […]

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6 reasons to attend the Buy Local Bash

With only SIX (6) days left until the bash, we came up with six reasons why you should be at the Regional Market next Monday at 6pm: 1. Support local businesses. OK, this is obvious. The event is only possible because of the locally-owned, independent businesses in attendance. We’ll have a packed house (or shed) […]

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Who’s gonna be at the Bash?

Seven days! We’re very close to the party date which means is about time to let you know who’s providing your unique bash experience. Here’s the list (so far, a few more additions will be made over the next day or so): Click this to buy tickets! Music: Los Blancos The Side Project Food/Drink/Infotainment: 83 […]

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Election Day and the Buy Local Bash: Being Choosy

Election Day and the Buy Local Bash are close relatives. Not only are their means and ends similar, but the two are interrelated in regards to how we engage with each other and our surroundings. Election Day asks each of us to choose our public leadership. Taxpayers not only choose the people to take office, […]

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Buy Local Bash: What and Why

We’ve all been to fundraising events with food, drinks, music, and the like. And on the surface, that’s exactly what the Buy Local Bash is. You can imagine it: A shed at the Regional Market teeming with food vendors (local producers/creators for tastings and purchases), drink vendors (beer/wine), music (local talent), people milling around from […]

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